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A Force to be Reckoned With

Ashlie Martinez isn't only our Surrogate Intake Coordinator, she is also a 3-time surrogate. This makes her knowledge and experience priceless, especially in this industry. But it wasn't just her devotion to helping others that made her perfect for Dream. From the beginning, Christina and Ashlie hit it off and connected with each other. In a business that upholds both professionalism and a hands-on, personal touch, we needed to make sure any new addition had a warm heart, a caring soul, and the ability to touch people's lives.

Ashlie met that mark and so much more!

Her work ethic is above and beyond, but that isn't the only reason she is such an amazing fit for Dream. Like the rest of the staff, she knows what it's like to face hardships, overcome personal struggles, and fight for her need to keep her family safe and happy. Growing up, she too experienced what it was like to be let down by family only to be lifted right back up by someone she soon considered beyond family.

"Everyone knows what being in love with a spouse is like, but the true unconditional love you have for a child is something that every person who desires to be a parent should experience." ~Ashlie

As a wife and mother, she hasn't always had the bright and shiny path ahead of her that most dream of. Despite a health scare early on for her firstborn, while she was pregnant with her second, she managed to keep her head up, devoted herself to her faith, and came out on the other side with more appreciation and love than she could have imagined. Tragedy can sometimes have a way of bringing out the best in us and Ashlie is living proof.

Being a surrogate came with its ups and downs, too. As most things in life do. After her first surrogacy though, she decided to reach out to Christina and found a place to hang her heart. She felt like more than "just another uterus" and bonded with Christina enough to do a second and third journey. This connection is what fostered their growth as friends, and what ultimately led to her becoming an asset to the company.

"I needed someone that had knowledge and experience with surrogacy, but also had the ability to think outside the box. Her passion and work ethic stood out most of all- that girl can hustle! But she also knows the industry and can troubleshoot as well as guide surrogates through the initial phase of their journey." ~Christina

Ashlie is essential in educating our incoming surrogates, providing support, and making sure all parties involved are communicated with to ensure each step of the process goes smoothly. Her commitment to helping others has helped shape what has now become an insanely formidable force to be reckoned with- The Dream Team!

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