Some search a lifetime to find their calling, others never find theirs at all. Luckily, here at Dream Surrogacy, you’ll be working with someone who found her passion through her own personal journey years ago. The owner and president, Christina Thursby, has helped others create families many times over. Not just as an agent, but as a six-time surrogate as well. She wanted others to experience the joys of having a family of their own; a way to share the same happiness she has gained in her life since meeting her husband and having three beautiful children.


Christina Thursby, Owner & President

Her journey began fourteen years ago with the benevolent desire to help couples start a family.

"My children mean the world to me and being a mother is such an incredible experience. I believe the opportunity to become a parent should not be ruled out simply if the “traditional” way is not an option. This is where I could step in. Through surrogacy, I could be an option and be a part of creating the family they’ve always wanted. I didn't want to just stop there though. Even as amazing as surrogacy can be, I wanted to help beyond that. I found my calling..."

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