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Some search a lifetime to find their calling, others never find theirs at all. Luckily, here at Dream Surrogacy, you’ll be working with someone who found her passion through her own personal journey years ago. The owner and president, Christina Thursby, has helped others create families many times over. Not just as an agent, but as a six-time surrogate as well. She wanted others to experience the joys of having a family of their own; a way to share the same happiness she has gained in her life since meeting her husband and having three beautiful children with him. Surrogacy is a means to help others in ways that in past times would have been unimaginable. From the moment you first speak with Christina, you will feel her passion and no doubt connect with her and see her headstrong yet heartfelt nature and drive, and how these qualities are what is needed during this emotional time in your life. These same qualities have not only helped this company grow from the ground up, but it has also ensured that the connections she has made within this community are strong and based on trust.



As Intended Parents, it can be both exciting and overwhelming to begin that rewarding journey toward parenthood. Whether this is your first surrogacy or not, the steps along the way can sometimes feel intimidating. This is a time in your lives where you should experience the positive,... Read more

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Do you desire to help create families? Are you one of those women who has a glowing, joyful experience when pregnant? Then surrogacy might be the step you need to help make your dream a reality... Read more

“This is more than a job to me. This is my dream.” ~Owner/President, Christina Thursby

This new journey you’re about to embark on is not just about what it will feel like to hold your new baby in your arms, or how it will feel to give birth to a child you will give to their loving parents. It’s also about the path you will take to get to that life-altering moment. You will meet new people, be faced with overwhelming obstacles, and have more questions and concerns than you’ll be able to keep up with. At Dream Surrogacy, Christina will be there for you every step of the way to help ensure this exciting time in your lives is as stress free as possible. She’ll be by your side at every turn, answer all questions, and push forward with a drive you’re unlikely to see in most people. Christina truly believes, with all that she is, that you are worth fighting for. That your need to have a family, or help create one, is the only reason she needs to make sure you find yourself at the end of this journey with a huge smile on your face, and nothing but happiness in your heart.

As new as Dream Surrogacy may be, the woman behind it comes with over 10 years experience in this industry. The commitments made to each individual will also provide an atmosphere where your personal needs and requirements are catered to on an individual basis. You will have a personal, hands-on experience, and find Christina to be available 24/7. Once your application is received, Christina will work hard to make sure you are perfectly matched, and well taken care of, with all your needs made a priority.

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