About Dream Surrogacy

This new journey you’re about to embark on is not just about what it will feel like to hold your new baby in your arms, or how it will feel to give birth to a child you will give to their loving parents. It’s also about the path you will take to get to that life-altering moment. You will meet new people, be faced with overwhelming obstacles, and have more questions and concerns than you’ll be able to keep up with. Christina will be there for you every step of the way to help ensure this exciting time in your lives is as stress free as possible.

From the moment you first speak with her, you will feel Christina's passion and headstrong yet heartfelt nature. These qualities are needed during this emotional time in your life. She’ll be by your side at every turn, answer all questions, and push forward with a drive you’re unlikely to see in most people. Christina truly believes, with all that she is, that you are worth fighting for. That your need to have a family, or help create one, is the only reason she needs to make sure you find yourself at the end of this journey with a huge smile on your face, and nothing but happiness in your heart.

At Dream Surrogacy, you will be supported by over a decade of experience in this industry. Christina's driven pursuit have not only helped this company grow from the ground up, but it has also ensured that the connections she has made within this community are strong and based on trust.


The commitments made to each individual will also provide an atmosphere where your personal needs and requirements are catered to on an individual basis. You will have a personal, hands-on experience, and find Christina to be available 24/7. Once your application is received, Christina and her team will work hard to make sure you are perfectly matched, and well taken care of, with all your needs made a priority.

Christina Thursby
“This is more than a job to me. This is my passion.” 

Her journey began fourteen years ago with the benevolent desire to help couples start a family.

"My children mean the world to me and being a mother is such an incredible experience. I believe the opportunity to become a parent should not be ruled out simply if the “traditional” way is not an option. This is where I could step in. Through surrogacy, I could be an option and be a part of creating the family they’ve always wanted. I didn't want to just stop there though. Even as amazing as surrogacy can be, I wanted to help beyond that. I found my calling wasn't just to be a surrogate, but to help Intended Parents and Surrogates find their way with as much support and understanding as I could possibly provide.

The people I’ve helped through surrogacy tell me I’ve changed their life, but these experiences have changed mine as well, and I couldn’t be happier."

Her Philosophy

"It’s upsetting to imagine wanting to have a child to share  your love  and life with, but can’t. Everyone has the right to fulfill their dreams and choose to live the life that brings them happiness. Once more people come to realize the importance of acceptance and equality, our world will be a better place, especially for the children we bring into it. 

This is why I decided to make Dream Surrogacy a reality. I wanted to provide a family-oriented, friendly, honest, and accepting place for both Intended Parents and Surrogates to make their dreams come true. Nothing compares to the joy I see in my clients faces when the journey I've helped them on finally reaches that moment when a beautiful baby is brought into this world, and into their parent's arms. 

Her Experience
6-time Surrogate from 2007 to present

Helping match Intended Parents & Surrogates independently since 2008

Professionally guiding Intended Parents & Surrogates since 2012 

About the Staff

Jenn Wimberly

Office Manager &

Social Media Strategist

Coming into motherhood later than most, Jenn is the mommy of one precious little boy. The experience of hoping for such a gift for over a decade has given her a deep-seeded need to help others achieve the same happiness. When she isn’t spending quality time with her husband and son, she is using her self-taught skills, educational background, and good-hearted roots to help Dream Surrogacy prosper and grow. Her degree in Psychology paved the path toward helping people and has given her the drive to help keep Dream Surrogacy innovative and connected to its clients. Jenn wears many hats, including web and graphic design, social media strategy, content creation, blogging, and a diverse set of administrative and managerial tasks needed in an ever-growing community industry. Essentially, she is the Jack of all Trades!


Ashlie Martinez

Surrogate Intake Coordinator

As an experienced surrogate, Ashlie is able to help guide incoming surrogates, answer their questions, and lead them through their journey with passion and understanding. She appreciates and enjoys any opportunity to educate and speak to anyone about surrogacy and the blessings that come from such an experience. She resides in Visalia, California with her husband and two children. She is a two-time gestational surrogate, delivered her first surro babe in 2016 for a local family, and her second surro babe in 2018 for an international family. Being part of helping someone’s dream come true has brought so much joy to her life and she loves watching lasting relationships develop from the beautiful journey of surrogacy. She looks forward to helping people throughout their journey with her personal resources of surrogacy and drive to see happy families blossom.


Cat DeWolf

Surrogate Recruiter

Cat was born and raised here in Southern California.  She comes from a big family of 5 girls and has always wanted a big family herself.  Cat reconnected and married an old friend from high school and now have a family of 3 children.  Her first 2 babies were born via cesarean and she did not want the same with her third.  With the help of a great support team she had a beautiful/successful VBAC and that is what let her to become a birth doula.  During this time, the idea of surrogacy came up and she jumped at the chance to help a family become whole.  She knew then that she had found a calling.  Cat birthed her first surrogate baby into the arms of her mother in April 2018 and is currently pregnant and expected to birth in early June.