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What People Say


We reviewed, visited, and interviewed over 20 surrogacy agencies across the US and attended surrogacy workshops both in person and virtually. We feel incredibly lucky to have been introduced to Christina... read more


And when the unexpected hiccups inevitably occurred (our surrogate had to be on bedrest for the last 10 weeks, with 3 late-night runs to the hospital), Christina was there to not only take her, but also attended regular checkups, checked in on her, and brought her groceries to keep her off her feet.... read more


Christina had just had a c-section about 2 weeks prior to my delivery.

That didn't stop her from flying out to be there for my IP's and myself.

I admire her dedication and love that she showed me through this journey... read more


I have absolutely loved my journey and most of that is due to the support this agency gives all of their surrogates. I have met some amazing women on this journey and my next journey and every other journey after that will be with this agency because of the love and kindness they've shown me... read more

Christina is a special person to be with throughout the surrogacy

journey. She is very calm, careful, secure and experienced in this

field. We felt like for her it is more than work, it's a loving

experience, as we expect it to be when we are looking to have children... read more


As this was our 1st experience with the agency, we couldn't have asked for anything better! We often viewed Mrs. Thursby as a loving mother-hen, one who was sincerely committed to helping surrogates become successful surrogates and ordinary folks, parents...  read more



My first agency proved to be in the industry for the money and not for the families, so I was going to be really picky finding a new agency. Through a mutual friend, I found Christina at Dream Surrogacy. From the moment I first spoke to her I knew she was different and that I was speaking with someone that truly loves her job and knows what she is doing... read more

I am grateful for all the heart, energy and time that Christina put in during my journey. Very dependable and she genuinely cares about everyone involved. Thank you Christina for making my dream of becoming a father come true! ❤️ read more


My experience with Dream Surrogacy has been absolutely amazing. From the first day I contacted Christina, to being matched with my IPs, all the way to delivering their baby, and every step and process along the way... read more


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