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Our Newest Addition

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Say hello to Cat!

She was hired to be our Surrogate Recruiter. Being quite the go getter, as is the norm for the women working at Dream, she has connections inside social media platforms and an exuberant personality that lights up the space around her. Perfect combination for her task at hand, and we have no doubt we'll see the benefits of her hard work and dedication.

Cat is married and a mother of 3. She is also a Birth Doula and has been a surrogate three times- 2 of those journeys were for the same family, giving them 2 beautiful babies. It's easy to see this woman is very selfless and compassionate. Her gifts to others shines in everything she does. She even takes the time to homeschool her children part-time and took on the devoted task full-time during the Covid pandemic.

After her first journey, Cat wanted to find a different agency- one that had a heartfelt, trustworthy foundation. Her first interaction with Christina had her searching no more. She had found the agency worth uniting with, and has had an amazing journeys during her second and third surrogacies.

"I knew I had found someone special that I wanted to work with. As you know it’s been perfect, easy and a dream since then."

Sacrifices are part of the journey, but for many they aren't easy to handle. Cat seems to take on each one with drive and motivation. She is the perfect fit for our team here at Dream Surrogacy!

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