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Finding Your Perfect Match!

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

A simple walkthrough of the process we take at Dream Surrogacy to find your perfect match might be all you need to give you the confidence to move forward. Some may feel hesitant to meet the people they will one day bless with a family of their own. We know it can be overwhelming or even nerve-racking. For others, it's simply an exciting moment they can't wait to experience. Either way, Dream is here for you and always looking out for your best interests.

With the answers provided to us on your application, we take that information and create a profile to show potential Intended Parents (IP’s). We also ask for 4-5 pictures of you and your family that we can add to that profile. This helps give the IP a good idea of who you are, see you, your family and make a decision to proceed to the next steps.

Matching you with the right IP is the most important aspect of this entire process. We do our very best to ensure your ideal match is found and that you experience the best journey possible. Once we think we have the IP for you, we will let you know and send over their profile for you to review as well.

We want you comfortable and we want to make sure you feel they are a good match for you before meeting them either in person or on Zoom. A matching meeting will be scheduled once both parties decide to move forward. It's during this time that you will be able to speak with your IPs, allowing both sides to get a feel for the match. From there, the Screening Phase will proceed.


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