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Pregnancy & Delivery

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The pregnancy phase is one of the most special times. The agency will be in monthly contact with each party, but we are always available if ever needed to help with issues that may arise. This means if you happen to have any complications, Christina will be there for you to help provide a solution. You will be in direct contact with the parents once you signed the legal contract after medical screening is done. We recommend communicating with them once a week to check in once you are pregnant (or more if desired).

As the pregnancy continues, Christina will also be available to attend doctor’s appointments with the surrogate and will provide communication to the intended parents to keep them in the loop as far as any updates regarding the pregnancy and their baby(s) is concerned. (This applies to surrogates who are within a 100-mile radius of San Diego and if allowed during COVID.)

Delivery time is the most exciting part of the entire journey. This is what everyone is hoping and dreaming for, and as an agency we do strive to help make this time as special as possible. We will be there to help ensure everything goes smoothly with the hospital staff and the care of you as the surrogate, your intended parents, and the baby(s).

Due to COVID there may be visitor restrictions, which might mean Christina won’t be able to be in the hospital. Don't worry - She will handle everything over the phone to ensure all goes as smoothly as possible.

You will be in direct communication with the intended parents to discuss everyone’s expectations upon delivery, ensuring you have time to hold the baby and spend time with the family before discharge from the hospital, if desired. We always encourage parents and surrogates to continue communication/relationship after the baby(s) are born, if that is what both parties wish for.


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