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What Makes Dream Different?

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Dream Surrogacy has been thriving for the last 5 years, even despite the world-wide pandemic changing so many lives. Despite it being relatively new, it's grown in many aspects, and continues to grow with each surrogate journey. But what makes us different? How do we stand out from all the other agencies who continue to grow as well? The answer is simple.

Christina. She is the woman behind it all. The owner, president, founder, and sole person who sits down with clients during match meetings, vets incoming surrogates, makes ideal matches, attends OB appointments, handles prenatal questions, concerns, and emergencies, and walks each surrogate and their intended parents through every step of their life-changing journey.

When I sat down to write this blog, I was looking to answer questions like what does Dream offer that other agencies don't? Is there something we do for our surrogates and intended parents that other agencies won't? More importantly, what is it that Dream does that truly makes us stand above the rest? The answers suddenly dawned on me, or rather the only acceptable answer. Christina.

Being a surrogate for Dream means you have a woman watching out for your best interests and doing everything in her power to make sure your journey is successful. What does this mean exactly? It means if you're put on bedrest, she brings you groceries, makes sure you have the child care and help you need for your family, and shops for any pregnancy related items you may need to help get you through. Christina will also become the Power of Attorney until your intended parents arrive. As long as you're within 100 miles of her, she also attends all OB appointments and is there for each and every delivery. Anything you may need, she will make sure you have it.

It doesn't stop there. Christina also does everything she can to make intended parents feel welcome. She does airport pick ups and drop offs, drives parents to obtain important legal documentation like passports, birth certificates, and the like. Just before an expected delivery, Christina will also make calls to the hospital, social workers, and financial departments to make sure everyone is on the same page and it all goes smoothly the day of the birth. Once baby is born, she also offers baby items on loan, or will help you make purchases to ensure anything the baby needs the first few weeks is accounted for.

In addition to this long list of what she considers essentials for success, she is able to accept calls and respond to text messages nearly 24/7. If there's a concern, an emergency, or just a quick question, Christina is there for you. And yes, she has support (waves from behind my computer), but she is literally and pridefully the woman who does it all. So, if you're looking for a hands-on approach to your journey and want to be treated as more than just a client from a heartfelt woman who has been in the industry for over 15 years, then Dream Surrogacy should be your choice.


Interested in becoming a surrogate? Fill out our Surrogate Application and we will be in contact shortly. If you have any questions, review our Q&A page along with Dream's Steps to Becoming a Surrogate. If you need more information, you can always contact us directly for a meeting via phone call or video chat.

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