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Contracts, Escrow, & Expenses: Step By Step For Surrogates

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

The financial phase of the surrogacy process is simplified at Dream Surrogacy. There is a strong team of individuals here to cater to your needs. It's important to us that you feel comfortable moving forward, and have an understanding of all forms of compensation beforehand.


The legal contract is started once you are medically clear. We will help you locate an attorney to review the contract in full detail. The contract phase is where all the important topics and issues will be formally placed into a contract between the intended parents, and surrogate, as well as her partner if applicable. When working with an agency the most important issues such as reduction, compensation, health insurance and reimbursements are usually worked to help the contract phase move smoothly and quickly. Typical time completion: Though, every journey is different and at times there are special circumstances, contracts can usually be completed in 2-4 weeks.


An escrow account will be set up on your behalf. There is one company we enjoy working with, but there are a few others to be considered as well. Once the account is set up, payments will be made automatically to you through direct deposit monthly and as needed for any medical reimbursements, if applicable. This process is designed to go smoothly for the surrogate. This ensures a timely and efficient process for all funds.


All your medical expenses will be paid for by the Intended Parents. If a new health insurance policy is needed, we will obtain one to use for the pregnancy until two months postpartum. We also include a life insurance policy with your family as the beneficiary. We will guide you along the way and answer any questions you may have on coverage.

Other expenses covered, to name a few, will be housekeeping, maternity clothes, childcare and compensation if you are required to miss a day of work for a pregnancy related appointment or occurrence. These details will be ironed out upon signing up with the agency.

We are here to guide you and help you feel confident in each step along this journey.


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