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Meet Baillie!

What led you to become a surrogate?

I have wanted to be a surrogate ever since I had my first baby. I loved everything about pregnancy and birth and I've always thought it was so unfair some people struggle to have babies on their own. I knew I wanted to help give someone the most precious gift 🥰

What made you decide to choose Dream Surrogacy?

I chose dream surrogacy because I could tell Christina genuinely cared about the surrogates and families she was helping. I wanted to be able to become friends with the family I was helping and to remain friends after the journey was over if I could. I liked how that seemed important to Christina too.

What is the relationship like with your intended parent(s)?

The intended parents and I have remained friends and they send me updates on how their sweet baby is doing often.

What are some high points of your journey?

One high point of the journey was all of the ultrasounds that the mom and I attended together. It was amazing getting to share that with her and seeing her face light up whenever she was able to see her baby. Another high point was receiving a video after the birth of the baby's big sister singing to him. It really made it all seem so worth it!

What advice do you give to others who want to become a gestational surrogate?

Some advice I would give is to make sure you're done having your own children first. The adjustment after birth was easy because I was excited to reconnect with my own kids and family and because we knew our family was already complete.

I would also say to just remember that all the hard is worth it once you see that baby in his parents arms 🥰.

What did you do to prepare yourself for surrogacy?

To prepare myself for surrogacy I really just made sure I had a strong support system in place. There were many appts, and in my case lots of driving, that I needed a babysitter for. Between my amazing babysitter, my wonderful husband, and all the support of my family, I felt confident enough to pursue surrogacy.

How has your decision to become a surrogate impacted your life?

Becoming a surrogate is the most rewarding thing I've ever done. Also, I made lifelong friends and I'm so thankful they picked me to help them complete their family.


Interested in becoming a surrogate? Fill out our Surrogate Application and we will contact you shortly. Questions? Review our Q&A page and Steps to Becoming a Surrogate. For more information, contact us for a meeting via phone call or video chat.

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