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10 Self Care Tips for Surrogate Mothers

You'd be surprised how many pregnant women don't know how to properly take care of themselves. That or they put themselves on the back burner so they can focus on the care of others. Either way, this short blog is meant to help give all pregnant women a few pointers/reminders!

Tip #1: Get Plenty of Sleep!

Hormonal changes during pregnancy, and the energy your body needs to grow a healthy baby, means you will feel fatigued OFTEN. We know you have a busy life with lots of responsibilities, but prioritizing rest is essential. Even a quick nap or taking the time to stop and put your feet up while closing your eyes will help.

Tip #2: Eat Well

Listen to your body and its cravings. This means finding ways to stay healthy even when your cravings intensify. Eat plenty of veggies, fruits, and proteins. Of course, the occasional treat won't harm you. Just keep those to a minimum and make sure they're worth it!

Tip #3: Belly Support

Minimize hip and back pain by using a belly support band. It also helps reduce the pull on your expanding skin. The same band you use during your pregnancy is great to use post-delivery and postpartum to help your abdominal muscles retract, and help you feel more supported while your body adjusts.

Tip #4: Exercise

Exercising 3-5 times a week is best, but always consult your doctor to find out what works for you. Keep in mind that strength training can be extremely beneficial and you'll notice the support your muscles give you once you're done delivering that sweet babe.

Tip #5: Drink Water

Staying hydrated improves digestion, circulates nutrients through the body, and even helps create amniotic fluid! Many foods also provide hydration throughout the day, like lettuce, cucumbers, zucchini, and celery.

Tip #6: Positive Affirmations

Keeping your mind positive can make such a difference. Journal, leave notes for yourself, or set alarms on your phone that display meaningful words of encouragement or inspirational quotes. You might find they sneak up on you when you need it most.

Tip #7: Minimize Stress

Easier said than done! We know this can be difficult sometimes. Having a plan to help destress is essential though. Find ways that work for YOU. Go for a walk, do yoga, listen to music, take a bath, etc. As long as you have a plan and a list of go-to's that will help, you should find it much easier to release the stress our daily lives can bring.

Tip #8: Self-care

Allow some YOU time! Get a massage or pedicure, take a bubble bath by candle light, or just sit and meditate/pray. Allowing space for our minds and bodies to rejuvenate is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves, pregnant or not.

Tip #9: Have a Support System

Don't be afraid to ask for help! Having a support system in place can make your journey so much more enjoyable. Those moments when everything seems too overwhelming will eventually hit. When they do, knowing you have the support of others and being able to reach out can change everything.

Tip #10: Prepare for Labor

Prepare your body and mind for the inevitable. Read books, listen to podcasts, talk to other surrogates, and reach out to Christina. She will be your guide through every step. We know you have done this before, but maybe you want this delivery to go differently. Or maybe you remember key instances where you wish you had done something different. Find what works for you and have a birth plan ready.

These are just a few ways you can stay on top of self-care during pregnancy. Your body is creating the miracle of life. You will have ups and downs. Being prepared and listening to what your body needs can make or break this life-changing journey you're embarking on. And as always, if you ever have questions or need help, please reach out! We're here for you.


If you're interested in creating your own family, or want to become a surrogate, reach out to us! We can answer all your questions and walk you through the process in detail. Simply fill out this form, and we will connect with you shortly.


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