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Meet Megan!

Updated: Jan 19

What led you to become a surrogate? (If applicable, what led you to do another journey as well?)

Pregnancy always came very easily for me, and I always felt guilt/sadness for anyone who was unable to create/complete a family due to fertility issues. I was a registered egg donor for years and that lead nowhere. While at work one day a coworker had commented about wanting to be a surrogate and I told her how I have always wanted to be able to do that for someone. A few days later, that coworker had commented on a facebook page for some surrogacy agency (not Dream) and I commented how it was something I was very much interested in. I received a private message from someone that saw my comment and she said that if I were seriously interested I should reach out to Christina. After a serious discussion with the husband, I went ahead and contacted Christina and after speaking to her I felt that things were falling into place for good things to come.

The first surrogacy journey was eye opening. I was so oblivious to all things infertility and after the first embryo transfer failed I finally understood what it feels like to NOT get pregnant. It was rough but in the end, a healthy chubby baby girl was born. During the journey my husband was on board but really only because he knew how much it meant to me. A few months after the baby was born we had dinner with the family. On the way home my husband said "After seeing them with her I get it, we can do it again " and i am now 21 weeks pregnant on surrogacy journey number 2.

What made you decide to choose Dream Surrogacy?

It was all Christina!! That one conversation with her was enough to make me feel like I would never find a place that had someone so caring.

What is the relationship like with your intended parent(s)?

The first couple, we still communicate on occasion. I never wanted to have a super close relationship after... In my mind, it would be harder to maintain a separation. The current couple, we speak almost daily and I imagine the relationship will be the same. I get to watch the baby grow via facebook and that is all I need, knowing the baby is happy and healthy.

What are some high points of your journey?

High points, getting to answer questions about the process. So much misconception around surrogacy, if I can help clear up confusion I am happy to answer any and all questions.

What advice do you give to others who want to become a gestational surrogate?

Whatever your expectations are of the process... Chances are it is not going to happen how you think so stay open minded and positive!!

What did you do to prepare yourself for surrogacy?

My mind was made up, my preparation was getting my husband and kids behind the journey. Then getting my parents/siblings/in laws on board. A full support system is imperative!!

How has your decision to become a surrogate impacted your life?

I think it has opened my family's eyes to how giving you can/should be if you are able.

Interested in becoming a surrogate yourself? Get started today!

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